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Home Audio Listening Rooms

Home theater with acoustic treatment on walls and ceiling

Acoustic Design

If you are looking to enhance your room for great sound, look no further than Pure Wave Audio. Owner Jim Pavett has been designing and installing acoustics for critical application recording studios which has led to being featured in national magazines. This background gives you the opportunity to work with someone that has created many different spaces with different application and décor requirements.

Minimal Treatment for Living Rooms

Not all rooms are the same, and not all users want or need excessive acoustic treatment. Pure Wave Audio carries the top two acoustic companies in the world for a vast wide selection of products to fit your décor. We can even print your pictures on acoustic panels to hide the fact that they are acoustic panels.

Living Room space with Sonic Print Acoustic panels as home photos

Listening Rooms

For dedicated rooms with statement high-fidelity audio systems or home theaters, we suggest full treatment application to enhance your audio listening experience to the maximum. Some audiophiles like a very controlled sound, while others prefer more live but accurate sound. We are here to create a balance of your preferences, so we can design and install a system that fits your needs and can even add full CAD design and analysis. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us. We have samples onsite so you can see some of the acoustic products in person. 520-447-8116

Computer Rendered Room Drawing with acoustic treatment
Example of computer-generated room analysis data