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  • MC-125 Studio Boom Stand

    Ultimate Support MC-125

    Professional microphone boom stand with adjustable counterweight, quarter-turn clutch and rollerblade-style caster wheels The MC-125 professional studio boom stand's larger-diameter base and locking, rollerblade-style wheels provide a low center of...

  • Audix CabGrabber XL Audix CabGrabber XL

    Audix CabGrabber XL

    Speaker cabinet microphone mount The CabGrabber XL is a very simple, elegant solution to the age old annoyance of space-stealing mic stands in front of speaker cabinets. It supports mics up to 16oz. in weight. It has a standard screw top for...

    MSRP: $75.00
  • Audix CabGrabber Audix CabGrabber

    Audix CabGrabber

    Compact mic clamp for guitar amps and cabinets   One piece mic mounting system clamps on to all popular size guitar combo amps and cabinets easily and securely. Durable lightweight aluminum construction. Designed primarily for i-5, the CAB...

    MSRP: $65.00
  • On-Stage Stands Heavy-Duty 3 leg Mic Stand MS9700B

    On-Stage Stands Heavy-Duty 3 leg Mic Stand MS9700B+

    On-Stage MS9700B Heavy-Duty  Microphone Stand   FEATURES AND BENEFITS: A top-of-the-line stand with heavier die-cast leg housing, thicker tubing and premium threads. The all-metal boom clutch and zinc die-cast end caps,make this stand...

    MSRP: $68.99
5 of 5 Items