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Coles Electroacoustics

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  • Coles 4030L Coles 4030L

    Coles 4030L

    Coles 4030L: Exceptional Entry-Level Ribbon Microphone Established in 1964, Coles Electroacoustics has earned a stellar reputation for crafting top-tier ribbon microphones. Their latest offering, the Coles 4030L, is an entry-level ribbon microphone that...

  • Coles 4115

    Coles 4115

    Coles 4115: The Broadcaster's Noise Cancelling Ribbon Microphone The Coles 4115 Broadcaster's Noise Cancelling Ribbon Microphone is the go-to choice for close indoor talking situations where exceptional speech reproduction is crucial, especially in...

    MSRP: $735.00
  • Coles 4104B

    Coles 4104B

    Coles 4104B: The Ultimate Commentator's Noise Canceling Ribbon Microphone The Coles 4104B Commentator's Noise Canceling Ribbon Microphone, designed by the British Broadcasting (BBC), is the pinnacle of high-quality commentary speech reproduction in...

  • Coles 4050

    Coles 4050 SM

    Coles 4050 SM: Transforming Stereo Ribbon Microphone Introducing the Coles 4050 SM, the pioneering stereo microphone crafted by the esteemed UK manufacturer, Coles Electroacoustics. What sets the 4050 apart is its ability to seamlessly transform from a...

  • Coles 4038

    Coles 4038

    Coles 4038: The BBC Studio Ribbon Microphone Experience audio perfection with the Coles 4038, a studio ribbon microphone designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This microphone is the choice for broadcasting and recording applications...

5 of 5 Items