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Focal Sopra on GAIA

Pure Wave Audio is Tucson's only premiere high-fidelity home audio store and acoustics firm. We have one mission: to help you create an emotional connection with your music. This can be transformational on many levels. When you remove the distortion, edginess, and audio limitations from your playback system, it not only allows you to connect deeper with your music but also removes those irritations from your environment, which is a calming and joyful experience. I personally invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment to hear the difference. You will be forever changed. 520-447-8116

Who We Serve

Naim Uniti

Whether you are looking to install a desktop wireless all-in-one streamer in the office or kitchen, or a full statement system with acoustics for critical listing, one thing is for sure - there is a better option than the local electronics store with limited fidelity audio systems. Every customer that has come in for a listening demo of our products has said, "I have heard this song a thousand times, and I have never noticed that before! Unbelievable!" The components we carry deliver depth, richness, imaging, and clarity so you can hear the music in its truest form as originally intended.

About Our Store

Control Room with Focal Sopra N2s

Pure Wave Audio's showroom is like no other retail space. It is inside a real live working commercial recording studio. We have two rooms for demoing. For our Focal Sopra N2’s and Naim Classic series, you will visit the Control Room which is a very accurate listening environment tuned in partnership with same people who have done the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Disney, and Ringo Starr's personal studio. For our smaller speakers and wireless multi-room streamers (Sopra N1, Kanta N3's, Aria 936, Naim Uniti Nova), we have another space that is similar to an office space or home office with minimal acoustics for real world testing. We also have Focal hi-end headphones available for demoing. Focal's new Clear Magnesium and Stellia are available.


Photo of two customers, Alexandra and Ruben

"The reason we love our Naim Uniti is because it is beautiful and easy to use. This powered unit does all of our media, Bluetooth, iPod, and internet radio from all over the world. It has a simple remote and even better our smartphone. Pure Wave Audio helped us with sales, delivery, and install all within our budget. The sound is unbelievable, and the equipment is state of the art. Whether it is for music or for television it is something we get to enjoy every night. For the finest audio in Tucson, it’s got to be pure wave audio." - Alexandra & Ruben


Streaming technologies

We do not buy large stock piles of one item and try to sell it to you regardless of your needs. We custom tailor your purchase to suit your specific listening requirements. We have a modest selection of systems for you to demo, so we can discover where you want to go in your audio endeavors. From there we evaluate your functionality alongside your budget and create a customized system for you. We can even install it for you.

About Jim Pavett

Pure Wave Audio owner Jim Pavett is a Grammy nominated veteran of the recording industry as a producer and engineer.  Jim is focused on bringing the most moving listening experience to your home. His unique experience in the industry has helped him select the ultimate sounding and synergistic brands in the business to make your listening experience like no other. His personal and holistic approach helps you find the best matched system for your needs - factoring functionality, décor and acoustics. Jim has won several awards in the recording industry, been featured in many national magazines, and has had the opportunity to record and perform with many of the world top musicians and actors.