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Auralex BabyGRAMMA v2

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Auralex BabyGRAMMA v2: Elevate Your Sound, Isolate with Precision

The Auralex BabyGRAMMA v2 is your ultimate solution for elevating the performance of your amplifier, monitor, or loudspeaker. By decoupling your gear from the floor, this innovative isolation platform prevents energy transfer from your speaker cabinet to the ground and surrounding surfaces. The result? Reduced resonance and unwanted artifacts that can compromise your tone.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Low End: Experience a tighter, more focused low end that allows your instrument to shine in the mix. Your amps will sound crisper, ensuring your entire band sounds its best.
  • Studio or Stage: Whether you're in the studio or performing live, the BabyGRAMMA v2 delivers exceptional isolation and improved sound quality.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Elevate your tone without breaking the bank. The BabyGRAMMA v2 offers a cost-effective way to unlock your gear's true potential.
  • Robust Construction: Built to last, this isolation platform boasts a rigid, Ozite-covered ½” MDF structural layer atop a 1” pad of Auralex Platfoam. It can support up to 200 pounds of gear.
  • Portable Design: Take your sound to the next gig, rehearsal, or studio session with ease. The BabyGRAMMA v2 is highly portable and ready to improve your tone wherever you play.


  • Size: 15”x15”x1.75”
  • Weight Limit: 200 lbs.

For larger amplifiers and speaker cabs, explore Auralex's GRAMMA v2 and Great GRAMMA v2 models. Elevate your sound, eliminate resonance, and experience the true potential of your gear with the Auralex BabyGRAMMA v2.

Note: Additional models available for larger amplifiers and speaker cabs.

Short Description:
Subwoofer/amp isolator riser
california pro_65:
Warning - see
Type (Acoustic Treatment):
Isolation Pad/Riser
90 Days