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Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant

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Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant - Superior Sound Transmission Reduction

Achieve exceptional sound transmission reduction with Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant. This highly elastic, water-based sealant is designed to reduce sound transmission at the perimeter of wall systems or around electrical box cutouts, helping you achieve specified STC/MTC values for superior acoustic performance. Say goodbye to unwanted noise leakage and enjoy improved sound isolation in your space.

Key Features:

  • Highly Elastic: StopGap is formulated with high elasticity, ensuring it remains flexible and pliable for an extended period—up to 5 times longer than alternative brands. This flexibility contributes to its effectiveness in reducing sound transmission.

  • Water-Based: The water-based composition makes it easy to work with and minimizes mess during application.

  • No Residual Run-Off: Unlike other products, StopGap doesn't leave behind residual run-off, ensuring a clean and tidy application.

  • Paintable and Nonstaining: You can paint over StopGap without worry, and it won't stain surfaces, allowing for a seamless finish.

  • Meets ASTM C-834 Standards: StopGap complies with ASTM C-834 standards for flame retardancy, providing added safety.

Large Caulking Tube: StopGap comes in a large 29 oz caulking tube, making it suitable for various applications. Please note that it requires a larger-than-normal caulking gun, which can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Coverage: A 29 oz cartridge of StopGap provides approximately 89 ft. of coverage with a 3/8 inch bead applied. This generous coverage ensures you can tackle larger projects effectively.

StopGap is ideal for soundproofing (acoustic treatment) in various settings, including studios, practice spaces, and more. Whether you're a band, engineer, soloist, or enthusiast, this acoustical sealant helps you create a quieter and more controlled sound environment.

Enhance your acoustic treatment and soundproofing efforts with Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant. Achieve superior sound transmission reduction and enjoy a quieter space.

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Highly elastic, water-based acoustical sealant
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