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Lynx Hilo 2 USB

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Lynx Hilo 2 USB 3: Elevate Your Audio Experience with Pristine Transparency

Lynx Hilo 2 is an exceptional interface renowned for its unparalleled audio quality and versatile features. Designed for professionals who demand the purest audio fidelity, Hilo offers a range of capabilities to meet the needs of various audio-related tasks.

Key Features:

  • Pristine, Independently Coupled AD/DA Conversion: Hilo 2 boasts independently coupled 2in, 6out AD/DA conversion that ensures the utmost clarity and transparency in your audio recordings and playback.
  • Upgradable to DSD: Upgrade path to sample rates higher than 192KHz.
  • Digital Expansion: Expand your digital connectivity with options to support up to 32x32 channels.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Hilo features a unique touchscreen interface that allows for intuitive control and monitoring.
  • Future-Proof LSlot Design: With swappable LSlot cards, Hilo remains up-to-date with the latest connectivity standards, including USB, Thunderbolt, and DANTE.
  • Real-time Meters and Analysis Tools: Hilo provides real-time metering and analysis tools, making it an ideal choice for mastering, mixing, recording, and more.
  • Hyper-Flexible Routing and Monitor Control: Enjoy versatile routing options and precise monitor control that can be easily saved and recalled.
  • Dual Power Options: Hilo can be powered by mains or 9-18v DC battery packs, making it suitable for location recording.
  • Class-Leading Transparent Audio Quality: Experience Lynx's class-leading audio quality, known for its transparency and accuracy.
  • Available in Black or Silver: Choose between sleek black or classic silver to complement your setup.

Who It's For: Hilo 2 caters to a wide range of professionals and applications, including:

  • Mastering: Achieve the highest level of audio precision and transparency in your mastering chain.
  • Mixing: Perfect your mixes, whether you're using multiple speakers or headphones.
  • Location Sound Recording: Capture pristine audio in any location with Hilo's battery-powered option.
  • Voice Recording and Overdubbing: Ensure crystal-clear vocal recordings and overdubs.
  • Audiophile Listening: Elevate your audiophile listening experience with Hilo's unmatched audio quality.
  • Archiving: Preserve historic and classic material with extreme accuracy and transparency.
  • Metering: Hilo offers real-time metering and analysis tools for precise monitoring and analysis tasks.

LSlot Connectivity Options: Hilo's LSlot connectivity allows you to choose the best connection method for your needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability as new standards emerge.

Technical Specifications (Line In/Out, Monitor Out, Headphone Out):

  • THD+N: Exceptionally low THD+N values for pristine audio quality.
  • Dynamic Range: High dynamic range for accurate signal reproduction.
  • Frequency Response: Minimal deviation in frequency response ensures accurate audio playback.
  • Crosstalk: Negligible crosstalk between channels for clear and distinct audio.
  • Output Level Options: Choose your desired output level settings for maximum flexibility.
  • Connector Types: High-quality XLR connectors for Line In/Out and TRS connectors for Monitor Out, plus a 1/4" headphone jack for Headphone Out.

Elevate your audio experience with Lynx Hilo, the ultimate interface for professionals who demand the highest levels of audio quality, precision, and flexibility.

Short Description:
Reference A/D D/A Converter System with LT-USB installed (Black)
Additional Inputs/Outputs:
california pro_65:
Max Number of Channels:
Max Sampling Rate:
Type (Interfaces):
AD/DA Converter
1 Year