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Merging Technologies Anubis Premium SPS

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MERGING+ANUBIS Premium SPS (up to 384kHz/DXD)

The MERGING+ANUBIS Premium SPS is a revolutionary audio interface that integrates Merging Technologies' vast expertise in analog, digital, networked audio, and DSP/FPGA technology. It stands out as a unique, multi-functional device offering various workflows for different audio missions, all packed into a compact and versatile unit made in Switzerland.

Mission Control:

  • Anubis operates as a comprehensive 'Mission Control', adept at handling various audio tasks including monitoring, network control, and multi-mix setups.
  • Modular software design allowing future expansions.
  • Current missions include ANUBIS+MONITOR and the Music Mission, with more to follow.
  • Change missions seamlessly, completely transforming Anubis's interface and functions.

Music Mission Features:

  • Multiple mixers for creating distinct mixes.
  • 18 Snapshots for saving and recalling setups.
  • Comprehensive monitoring controls including Ref, Dim, Mono, Downmix, and exclusive Mutes.
  • Advanced cue system for artist interaction.
  • Integrated high-quality effects: MERGING+EQ, MERGING+DYNAMICS, and MERGING+REVERB.
  • Three SENDS for external hardware integration.

Network Control and Scalability:

  • Anubis offers expansive control over RAVENNA/AES67 devices on your network.
  • Capable of managing 256x256 signal paths.
  • Seamless integration into existing ANEMAN controlled ecosystems.
  • ST2110 and ST2022 broadcast compliance.
  • Direct monitoring of AES67/RAVENNA streams.

Driver Support and Quality:

  • Universal driver support: Windows ASIO, MacOS CoreAudio, Linux ALSA.
  • Exceptional A/D performance with 139dB dynamic range.
  • Dual gain 32bit A/D circuitry for dynamic range and control.
  • Split channel on all inputs for versatile routing.

Design and Portability:

  • Crafted from a single aluminum piece, ensuring durability and elegance.
  • Portable design, weighing just 950gr and dimensions of 200 x 128 x 40mm.
  • Redundant power options including main PSU and PoE.

Ultimate Sound Quality:

  • Designed for the best headphone amplification, suitable for any sample rate.
  • 32bit signal path and cutting-edge circuit design for minimal latency and optimal power distribution.
  • Innovative split channel on all inputs, exceptional mechanics, and Swiss engineering.

Anubis by Merging Technologies is not just an interface; it's a comprehensive solution for various audio applications, offering unmatched quality, flexibility, and control in a compact and elegant design.

Short Description:
Anubis includes 2 x Mic/Line Inputs, 2 x Instrument/Line Inputs, 4 x Balanced Outputs, 2 x Headphone Outputs, Talkback mic, Ravenna/AES67 I/O and additional network connector. Pro version is capable of sample rates up to 192 kHz. Premium version inc
Additional Inputs/Outputs:
Headphone 1/4 TRS
california pro_65:
Max Number of Channels:
Max Sampling Rate:
Type (Interfaces):
AD/DA Converter;AES67/ Ravenna
1 Year