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Rupert Neve Designs

Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channel

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Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channel: Mic Pre + EQ + Compressor with Silk

The Rupert Neve Designs Newton Channel is a modern, versatile channel strip that combines Rupert Neve's legendary sound design with contemporary features. Ideal for project studios, commercial facilities, or live sound, the Newton Channel is celebrated for its classic sound and musical tone-shaping abilities.

Key Features:

  • Mic Preamp: Offers 72dB of gain with 6dB fine trim control, perfect for various sources. It provides a tight, clean, and detailed sound with a robust design suited for microphone and line-level signals.
  • Equalizer: A simplified EQ section with low and high frequency shelf bands and a parametric mid-band. It allows for subtle to extreme settings, ideal for various musical applications.
  • Compressor: Features Rupert Neve Designs’ VCA compressor with +20dB make-up gain, offering smooth compression. It includes a 'pre EQ/post EQ' button and an independent bypass button.
  • Silk Circuit: Provides variable Silk Red and Blue modes, enhancing harmonic content and allowing for classic or modern tonal adjustments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance: 8900 Ohms.
  • Maximum Input Level: +23.6dBu.
  • Noise Level: -102dBu at Line Out (Unity Gain), -107dBu at -6dB Line Out (Unity Gain).
  • Frequency Response: <10Hz to 30kHz: +/- 0.1dB, <5Hz to 70kHz: +/- 0.25dB.
  • THD+N: 0.0013% at 0dBu, 0.0007% at +20dBu (1 kHz).

Professional Reviews:

  • Korey Richey (LCD Soundsystem): Praises it as a go-to channel strip for its simplicity and efficiency.
  • Thomas “Tillie” Mann (Chief Engineer @ Quality Control): Commends its fire sound quality.
  • Bob Thomas (Sound On Sound): Highlights its sonic performance, ease of use, and unique features like the Texture/Silk combination.
  • John Pickford (MusicTech): Awards full marks for its capability, versatility, and sound quality.
Short Description:
Newton Channel Mic Pre / EQ /Compressor
california pro_65:
Solid State
Newton Channel
Number of Channels:
Type (Channel Strips):
Channel Strip
2 Years