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SPL Performer S1200 Model 1894 (Red)

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SPL Performer S1200 Stereo Power Amplifier with VOLTAiR technology - Red


Performer s1200 - The Powerful Stereo Amplifier

Experience Audio Mastery with the Performer s1200 Step into a world where sound transcends expectations with the SPL Performer s1200. This formidable stereo power amplifier is the essence of precision and power, delivering 2 x 520 W (4 Ω) [2 x 550 W (2 Ω); 2 x 300 W (8 Ω)] of pure, analog amplification. Control any loudspeaker with ease and immerse yourself in soundscapes crafted with unmatched clarity, depth, and honesty, all thanks to SPL's groundbreaking VOLTAiR technology.

Design That Speaks Volumes Personalize your audio experience with the Performer s1200. Available in black, red, or silver, and further customizable with included decorative panels in corresponding colors. The ease of magnetic attachment means switching styles is effortless and tool-free, catering to your unique aesthetic.

Unwavering Protection for Your Peace of Mind Reliability is key. The Performer s1200 features advanced protection circuits against DC voltage and overheating. Automatic disengagement of the output stage upon DC detection and proactive temperature monitoring ensure your amplifier stays safe and sound, even under demanding conditions.

Praised by Audio Experts Celebrated for its informative, neutral, yet musically engaging performance, the Performer s1200 stands as a pinnacle of SPL's electronic innovation. It's not just an amplifier - it's an embodiment of SPL's dedication to audio perfection.

Connectivity Tailored for the Audiophile Flexibility meets function with a stereo pair of XLR and RCA inputs, making the Performer s1200 universally compatible without adapters. Switch inputs effortlessly and enjoy the freedom to connect with any preamp.

Precision Engineered for Optimal Sound Tailor your audio with input sensitivity adjustments from 0 dB to -5.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps. Achieve the perfect balance and operational range for your loudspeakers and preamplifier with this audiophile-grade feature.

Power and Poise in Every Note The Performer s1200’s binding posts accommodate various speaker cables, promising a seamless connection to your audio setup. Experience power that's not just robust but also exquisitely detailed and smooth, regardless of volume.

Standby Convenience Efficiently manage power with the AMP CTL connection compatible with preamps like the Director Mk2. The 12 V trigger input adds versatility for use with third-party preamps.

VOLTAiR Technology - A Sonic Revolution At the heart of the Performer s1200 is SPL's unique 120V VOLTAiR technology, offering an audio experience that's vivid, natural, and fatigue-free. Enjoy a dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio, and headroom that set new benchmarks in audio performance.


  • Analog Inputs: XLR (balanced), RCA (unbalanced)
  • Output Power (RMS): 2 x 550 W (2 Ω), 2 x 520 W (4 Ω), 2 x 300 W (8 Ω)
  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 80 kHz
  • Noise (A-weighted): -123 dB
  • Dimensions: 278 x 205 x 375 mm
  • Weight: 25.1 kg
Short Description:
Hi wattage power amplifier with VOLTAiR technology for Studio Monitors and Home Stereos. (Red)
Amp Class:
Audio Inputs:
Stereo L/R RCA;XLR
Audio Outputs:
Banana Speaker Jacks;XLR
california pro_65:
Home Features:
Active Amplification
Number of Digital RCA Inputs:
Number of L/R RCA Inputs:
Number of Channels:
Number Line Inputs:
RMS Power:
Speaker Configuration:
2.0 System
2 Years