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Thermionic Culture

Thermionic Culture Snow Petrel

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The Snow Petrel - Unveil Sonic Beauty

Experience the pure essence of your beloved ribbon microphones with The Snow Petrel. It unveils your audio, from crystal-clear highs to harmonically rich lows, in the most natural and exquisite manner.

Exceptional Design: Originally crafted for the Coles 4038, this unit transcends expectations with any microphone, including the iconic Neumann U 87. Why? Here's the secret:

Pure Valves: We employ extra-low noise valves with absolutely NO solid-state impurities in the audio path. This commitment to purity ensures a pristine signal.

Transformative Transformers: Sowter's exceptionally crafted input and output transformers take your audio to new heights, adding a touch of magic to every sound.

Tailored Impedance: Our higher-than-usual input impedance preserves clarity, and you can fine-tune it for individual microphones using the Hi/Lo and Pad switches.

Musical Saturation: Dive into progressive and musical saturation when overdriven, thanks to the fine and coarse attenuators. Perfect for distortion enthusiasts seeking sonic bliss.

Precise Control: The Snow Petrel features Gain control, adjustable from 40 to 75 dB. Additionally, the HPF reduces "proximity effect," while the "Air" knob adds that extra touch of clarity.

Crafted in England: Every unit is carefully handcrafted and rigorously tested in Harlow, England, guaranteeing exceptional quality.


  • Extra-low noise valves with ZERO solid-state impurities in the audio path.
  • Sowter's exquisite balancing transformers for inputs and outputs.
  • Elevated input impedance for pristine clarity.
  • Hi/Lo and Pad switches to customize input impedance for specific microphones.
  • +48V Phantom power available.
  • All-valve Class A amplification.
  • Controls include Switched Gain (40 to 75dB), HPF, and "Air."
  • Housed in a 2U 19" rack-mounted unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance:
    • Lo: 850Ω
    • Hi: 2k2
    • Pad: 2k2
  • Output Impedance:
    • @ 0 Atten: 250Ω
    • @ -7dB: 700Ω
    • @ -15dB: 270Ω
  • Maximum Output Level (MOL, 1% dist.):
    • @ most gain settings: >+26dB
  • Frequency Response (+0.5/-1dB, Air at 0):
    • @ most gain settings: 13Hz to 22kHz
    • @ max. gain (75dB): 35Hz to 17kHz
  • Distortion (THD @ 1kHz):
    • @ 40dB Gain: 0.012%
    • @ 54dB Gain: 0.025%
    • @ 68dB Gain: 0.1%
    • @ Max Gain: 0.2%
  • Crosstalk:
    • @ most settings and frequencies: Better than -60dB
  • Signal to Noise:
    • @ most settings: Better than 100dB

Unleash the beauty of sound with The Snow Petrel, where every nuance is captured and celebrated!

Short Description:
2-Channel tube pre-amplifier for ribbon Microphones
california pro_65:
Equalizer;Vacuum Tube
Earlybird 2.2
Number of Channels:
Type (Channel Strips):
Channel Strip
Type (Preamps):
Channel Strip;Microphone Preamp
2 Years