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Thermionic Culture

Thermionic Culture The Swift Balanced Equalizer

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The Swift EQ - Where Vintage Inspiration Meets Modern Precision - Balanced Outputs

Whether you're tracking individual instruments or shaping your final mix, The Swift EQ is your go-to two-channel equalizer. Inspired by the grace and speed of Britain's swiftest bird, it combines vintage allure with modern enhancements to meet the demands of today's audio professionals.

Vintage Influences, Modern Improvements: The Swift EQ draws inspiration from two classic valve recording designs of the golden era while infusing contemporary refinements and unique features. The result? A versatile EQ that delivers exceptional sonic control.

EMI Desk Heritage: The main electronics are based on a 1950s EMI desk, known for its legendary sound. The Swift extends its top and bass response, preserving the essence of the original while enhancing its capabilities.

Presence Switch: We've added a Presence switch, inspired by Vic Keary's 1963 invention, which imparts a broad band lift to mid/hi frequencies. This switch brings an added dimension to your sonic palette.

Pultec-Inspired Mid Lift Controls: The Swift features passive mid lift controls, reminiscent of the Pultec design, with four selectable frequencies and three "Q" settings. These controls give you precise command over your midrange frequencies.

Unique Features: Explore additional features like the Hi Pass Filter, Mid Cut, and "Air" controls, all designed with a passive approach. Combine the High Pass Filter with Bass lift for intriguing sonic possibilities.

Continuously Variable Pots: All potentiometers on The Swift are continuously variable, ensuring subtle and reliable adjustments, without the limitations of indented pots.

Gain Control: Gain adjustments are made via switches, allowing for easy comparison between settings.

Bypass Function: Engage the BYPASS switch to disconnect the electronics, revealing the unaltered original signal.

Outstanding Performance: The Swift can deliver +20 dBu without noticeable distortion and operates with minimal noise, preserving the integrity of your audio.

Cutting-Edge Design: While influenced by vintage designs, our electronic design is a significant improvement. Each channel employs just two valves to minimize coloration, and we've chosen modern Sowter transformers and previously unused valves for superior sound quality and exceptional technical specifications.


  • All-valve signal path using NOS and new production valves.
  • Combines the best features of USA and UK equalizers with Thermionic magic.
  • Quick and easy operation with a clearly labeled front panel.
  • Shelving Bass and Treble lift/cut controls at two frequencies each.
  • Mid Cut and Lift at four frequencies each with three 'Q' combinations.
  • Presence and Air Controls unique to The Swift.
  • Switchable High Pass Filter with a special last position for creative use.
  • Adjustable gain in 0.75 dB steps.
  • Broad frequency response with minimal phase shift.
  • Virtually distortion-free and practically noiseless.
  • Delivers the signature Thermionic Culture warm, natural sound.
  • Ideal for mix buss EQ and individual instruments/tracks.
  • Hand-crafted and tested with care in Harlow, England.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: +0.5 / -1 dB, 12 Hz to 40 kHz
  • THD (measured at 1 kHz & 100 Hz):
    • At +4 dBu: 0.01%
    • At +10 dBu: 0.02%
    • At +18 dBu: 0.1%
    • At +24 dBu: 1% (MOL)
  • Noise (below max o/p level – MOL): -115 dB
  • Gain: -10.5 to +3 dB in 0.75 dB steps
  • Input Impedance: 10 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 250Ω
  • Power Consumption at 115 or 230VAC mains in: 30W
  • Net Weight (no packaging): 7 kg
  • Indicator Lamp: 12V, 3W

Unleash the power of vintage inspiration with The Swift EQ, where sonic artistry meets precision engineering.

Short Description:
Stereo Valve equalizer
california pro_65:
Parametric Equalization
Form Factor:
3 RU
Number of Channels:
Type (Signal Processors):
2 Years