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VOVOX Textura Fortis LS Single Wiring 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana 1.5609 - Pair

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VOVOX Textura Fortis Speaker Cables - Pair of 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana 1.5609 Open Box

Unleash Sonic Precision

Elevate your audio experience with the VOVOX Textura Fortis Speaker Cables. Designed for high-end connoisseurs who demand uncompromising sound quality, these speaker cables reveal the full potential of your audio system, delivering unparalleled dynamics, resolution, and naturalism.

Key Features:

  • Ample Length: With a generous length of 350 cm (11.48 feet), these speaker cables provide flexibility in connecting your audio components.

  • Banana-Banana Connectors: Equipped with high-quality banana connectors on both ends, ensuring a secure and reliable connection to your speakers and amplifier.

  • Impressive Cross-Section: Featuring a substantial cross-section of 8.0 mm², these cables are among the most powerful solid-core cables available, capable of handling even the most demanding audio systems.

  • Continuous Cast Copper Conductors: Crafted from huge solid-core conductors made of oriented continuous cast copper, these cables preserve the integrity of your audio signals, allowing for uninterrupted, pure signal transmission.

  • High Purity Polymers: The cables feature high purity polymers without plasticizers, maintaining signal purity and reducing interference.

  • Rhodium-Plated Contacts: Specially shaped and rhodium-plated cable terminations provide a reliable connection without soldering or crimping, ensuring optimal conductivity.

  • Cryogenically Treated: The cables undergo cryogenic treatment at -180°C, enhancing their performance and contributing to improved audio quality.

  • Cable Connection Without Compromise: The continuous conductors made of one piece from spade to spade, paired with rhodium-plated terminations, offer an uncompromised cable connection.

Unlimited Power:

The VOVOX Textura Fortis Speaker Cables are tailor-made for the most powerful components available on the market. By combining VOVOX's proven Textura technology with a significantly enlarged conductor cross-section, these cables achieve both unlimited dynamic range and the highest resolution, setting new standards in sound quality.

In Cooperation with the Best:

VOVOX Textura Fortis was developed and tested in close cooperation with soulution, an award-winning Swiss manufacturer of high-end premium components. Rigorous auditions and comparisons with renowned benchmarks confirmed that these cables optimize the connection of fast, powerful components and deliver the most coherent reproduction of music.

Continuous Cast Copper:

VOVOX uses conductors of ultra-pure continuous cast copper for the Textura Fortis and Textura series. A patented process allows the continuous casting of 99.99998% pure copper, resulting in tailored conductors of the highest quality.


The cables undergo cryogenic treatment at -180°C and are conditioned in an optimized run-in process. While there may be limited scientific explanations for the effects of cryogenic treatment and cable running-in, the audible difference is evident. After a short warm-up time of 10 - 20 minutes, these cables deliver optimal audio quality, with their full potential realized after an additional 50 - 200 hours of service.

Made in Switzerland:

VOVOX sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland with meticulous attention to detail. The cables, including the solder used, are lead-free, upholding Switzerland's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Elevate your audio to new heights with the VOVOX Textura Fortis Speaker Cables. Whether you're a discerning audiophile or a professional seeking the highest quality audio transmission, these cables promise unparalleled sonic precision.

We have tested these cables against $50K Nordost cables Vovox was the clear winner.

Short Description:
11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana Speaker Wire- Audiophile Cable
Cable Length:
11.5 ft
california pro_65:
Connector(s) A:
Connector(s) B:
Suited For:
Consumer Electronics
2 years