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VOVOX Vocalis LS Single Wiring 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana 1.4502 - Pair

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VOVOX Vocalis LS Single Wiring Banana-Banana Speaker Wire - Pair of 11.48' (350cm) 1.4502

Elevate Your Sound Experience

Experience a new level of audio quality with the VOVOX Vocalis LS Single Wiring Banana-Banana Speaker Wires. Crafted to enhance your loudspeakers' performance, these cables minimize boundary surfaces, resulting in a difference you can hear. Designed with advanced high-end audio in mind, the Vocalis LS brings out the best in your loudspeakers.

Key Features:

  • Ample Length: This pair of cables measures 350cm (11.48 feet), providing flexibility in connecting your loudspeakers to your audio system.

  • Solid-Core Conductors: Made of 99.95% pure OFC-copper, the solid-core conductors ensure pristine signal transmission.

  • Boundary Surface Reduction: The cable's optimized design dramatically reduces surface boundary, enhancing audio quality compared to other loudspeaker cables.

  • Natural Fiber Coating: The cable is coated with natural fibers, further improving performance and minimizing triboelectrical phenomena.

  • Gold Plated Banana Plugs: The cables are terminated with high-quality gold plated 4.0 mm banana plugs featuring lamella contacts for reliable connections.

  • Minimized Boundary Surfaces: VOVOX sound conductors use single solid-core conductors, reducing the total boundary surface by up to 90% compared to stranded wires, resulting in improved sound quality.

  • Cable Coating with Natural Fibers: A fine meshwork of natural fibers wraps around the conductor, reducing interference and enhancing audio quality. The result is a clean and transparent soundstage.

  • Optimal Condition: VOVOX Vocalis LS cables require some time to reach their optimal condition. Simply connect them to your audio system and use them as usual. After approximately 20 hours of music playback, the cables will have reached their optimal condition and will deliver consistently outstanding performance.

Made in Switzerland:

VOVOX sound conductors are meticulously hand-assembled in Switzerland, a country known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, the cables and solder used are lead-free.

Elevate your audio experience with the VOVOX Vocalis LS Single Wiring Banana-Banana Speaker Wires. Whether you're an audiophile seeking the highest sound quality or a music enthusiast looking to enhance your loudspeakers, these cables promise a new level of sonic excellence.

Please note that the VOVOX Vocalis LS cables require some time to reach their optimal condition, so enjoy listening to music extensively to fully unlock their potential.

Short Description:
Pair of 11.48' (350cm) Banana-Banana Speaker Wire
Cable Length:
4.9 ft
california pro_65:
Connector(s) A:
Connector(s) B:
Suited For:
Consumer Electronics
2 years