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Thermionic Culture

Thermionic Culture Kite EQ

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Thermionic Culture Kite - Elevate Your Stereo Mix with Valve Magic

Introducing the Thermionic Culture Kite, a two-channel masterpiece designed for the discerning audio professional. Born from customer requests and feedback, the Kite embodies the essence of pristine sound and intuitive control.

Key Features:

  • Unique Valve "Attitude": Derived from the Fat Bustard, the Kite features the exclusive "Attitude" control. It allows you to choose between low distortion or progressively richer 2nd harmonic content, setting it apart as a unique creation from Thermionic Culture Ltd.

  • Valve Choice Matters: The selection of valves is critical to the Kite's success in adding desirable harmonic content to the signal without introducing noise or headroom limitations. Meticulous listening tests were conducted to ensure it sounded just right.

  • Enhanced EQ: Building on the Fat Bustard EQ, the Kite's EQ section offers even more flexibility. Explore the 'Bass Boost' with two frequency positions, the continuously variable shelving 'Bass Cut,' and a 2-position high-pass filter 'HPF' for fine-tuned control over the low-end.

  • Musical Top Shelf: The 'Top Shelf' control extends into the midrange with two frequency choices, providing a broad, musical lift to a wide band of frequencies in the mid-to-high spectrum. This approach ensures that no single frequency dominates, resulting in a smooth addition of presence to your audio.

  • Transparent "Air" Control: Experience a special "Air" control that adds openness and sparkle to the sound. At Attitude 1, it achieves such clarity that there is almost zero phase shift across the audio spectrum when set to 5.

  • Stereo Controls: All controls are stereo, except 'O/P TRIM,' and are indented for easy recall. Independent output level controls maintain the left/right balance.

  • High-Pass Filter (HPF): Operates at 20 & 40Hz with a 12dB/octave curve, allowing precise low-end shaping.

  • Transformer Balanced Version: An option for transformer-balanced connections is available upon request.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance: 10kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 220Ω
  • Distortion (@ +4dBu): ≤0.015% @ Attitude 1
  • Maximum Output Level (MOL) @ 1% Distortion: +25dBu
  • Noise: < -80dBu
  • Signal/Noise: -105dBu
  • Frequency Response (±1dB): Attitude 1: <10Hz to 56kHz, Attitude 3: <10Hz to 20kHz, Attitude 6: 15Hz to 9kHz
  • Crosstalk (dB): Channel 1: 1kHz -72, 10kHz -64 / Channel 2: 1kHz -72, 10kHz -58
  • Phase Shift: Interchannel: 0.25º at 10kHz / Input to Output: 13º at 10kHz

Elevate your stereo mix with the Thermionic Culture Kite, where valve magic meets unparalleled control and sound shaping.

Short Description:
Stereo Valve equalizer with Attitude
california pro_65:
Parametric Equalization
Form Factor:
2 RU
Number of Channels:
Type (Signal Processors):
2 Years